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Chapter 9: A new breed of man

Chapter 9: A new breed of man

     When a human dies and passes from this earthly world into the afterlife they say it's peaceful. It's reported and theorized that you don't even feel you soul leave your body no matter how violent your death is. What no one can tell you until now is what it feels like to die and still be cognizant as you rise up as a zombie. Napoleon Archer was running full tilt towards the James house. He felt no pain in his knees from arthritis, he felt no shortness of breath due to living a life filled with foods garnished with bacon. He vaults up the front porch investigating what he thought was a flash of light before his dull orange tinted cloudy eyes. His body feels like a wet sack of mashed potatoes. There was a sensation of feeling his bodies mass succumb to gravity. Napoleon kept thinking great sloughs of meat would soon fall from his body a plop to the ground. His mind as cloudy as his vision struggled as if it were a butterfly trapped by a maniacal child in a glass jar. His thoughts were a jumble of instincts and urges forcing him forward as all about him in the air hung a sweet odor. "Ben!" the dead man called then broke out into a wet sickly sounding laugh. "It's time to get you and those mutts of yours out of my neighborhood!" With that insult he starts beating on the boarded door.

    In the darkened house Ben sits behind the wall that forms the kitchen across from the open basement door. Safety was mere feet away a he cradled his eldest son in his lap. Ben looks up to see the kitchen window noticing a gap in the bottom of his security measures. Silently he prays to himself that the thing that had been his neighbor would not come checking around the back of the house. If the diseased man peers through said crack he would look upon the hidden pair. "Ben come give me you flesh!" Napoleon rages. "You never belonged here, we never wanted your kind here and you know it!" Slowly Ben presses his hands over Chip's ears attempting to stem the flow of hate permeating into his son’s young mind. Nate was sniffing at the air like an animal that sweet odor he sought was masked but the foul stench of death. "Somebody is dead in here." Nate quips. The ghoulish man assaulting the house lets out a sinister chuckle "I hope it's not you Benjamin James!" The pounding came again at the door "I want to kill you myself and peel that black skin from your hide!" Ben's fear melts suddenly dead or alive his prick-ish little neighbor had threatened him and his family. Ben could tolerate no more "Listen to me son." He tells the boy nestled in his arms as he heard Nate pulling at the boards securing the door. "I'm going have a word with our neighbor Chip." he says under his breath. The boy lurches in protest but his father puts a quick stop to that. Ben squeezes Chip gently applying firm pressure to his son assuring the boy he was in control of the situation. Nate now took to kicking the door with no regard for the damage to his unfeeling leg. "When I stand up and move for the door you climb under the sink and stay there." Ben locks eyes with his child "You stay there don't make a sound and if I don't make it Junior. It's up to take care of the family." The boy's eyes snap wide with shock "but dad!" He protests Ben places a thick calloused finger to his son’s lips. "Shhh! I won't lose but I need to you you're safe son." Chip bobs his head in a wordless agreement and Ben can see his son’s eyes become glassy with tears. Chip sits upright clutching the hammer he'd used to finish Carl off. "Don't use the gun dad the sound will draw more of them out." Ben felt the hammer pushed into his chest by Chip. Chip then rolls himself off his dad ample lap and onto the floor. Benjamin James draws up to his full height in the dark kitchen "Kick his ass dad!" comes from the floor he can vaguely see his sons outline. Ben pushes the sinful pride from his mind and turns the corner. He's got to focus and some how or another figure out how does one outsmart a dead man.

    Nate knew what he was doing wasn't right but he'd known for years his feeling about having a "black" neighbor weren't right either. His assault against the door continued as his mind was a jumble of hate. If Ben was dead and he could pull his heart out he'd at least and tear his filthy house down with his bare hands. Nate had given in to the hate that vomited out of him like the orange dish washing liquid color bile clinging to his chin. He couldn't see worth a damn as a dull milky film had developed over his dead eyeballs but anger drove his actions now. Somewhere in the distance a scream broke Nate’s manic battering his head pivots with animal like movements slowly he begins to breathe in that deep sweet scent and it draws him. It tugs him away from the stench in the house to the edge of the porch "yessss!" Nate hisses spraying orange flecked spittle lost in the splendor of the orange Aurora undulating in the night sky above him. He places a decomposing hand on the banister intent on hopping down form the porch. "Nate buddy is ... is that you?!" He hears a whisper from behind the door. In a flash he was presses against the splintered wood tiny slivers of it digging into his rotting flesh. "Heeeeeyyyyyyy Benny old buddy olllllld pal." the dead man plays out. "Nate man I need your help man thank God you came I'm hurt!" the voice pleads from behind the barricade. Napoleon could barely contain his blood lust he simply wants to dissolve into the door and materialize on the other side then devour Ben as he begs for mercy. "I... I got you buddy just let me in!" Nate stammers. He is in ecstasy inhaling the living essence behind the door. Ben moans in pain from behind the barricade and it almost drives Nate into an orgasm of rage. "I can't Nate ..." Ben spoke in distressed tones. "My arm is broken man I just..." he goes silent.” Then what Ben!? What ... What!?" Nate screams. Ben murmurs through the barrier. "Nate bro I killed Carl ... he .... He went all rabid so I put him down. I don't know what to do can you get to the attic window Nate!?" Napoleon’s eyes trace up the side of the house slowly until he see the houses only weak spot. "I left it open Nate in case we had to escape. I know it's asking a lot buddy but can you climb up there and come down here and help me? My kids are scared man and its dark in here Nate please?” A wicked grin spreads across Nate’s tattered and torn face. "That's right beg ... me for help and soon you’ll be begging for more than that!” Nate thought clearly for the first time since he'd succumbed to whatever had claimed him and his family.
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Chapter 9: A new breed of man finds Ben and Chip trying to make it down stairs to saftey without being seen. The only problem is their dead infected neighbor Napoleon "Nate" Archer. He is pounding away at the door attempting to get in a verify or see to Bens death personally. As always feel free to leave a comment

The Living Dark
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