Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chapter 14: Defenseless Self

Chapter 14: Defenseless Self

Phillips is running down the driveway at top speed cocking the baseball bat back with both hands. He swings with all his might the blow sailing high over Michael’s head missing him by inches. The wooden bat connects with the bone in the bridge of the attacker’s nose. The savage blow causes the man to release Michael catapulting him almost head over heals in the air. Before the growling man even hits the ground Phillips is standing over him pounding the man like a tent spike. He beats the man’s face until it is no longer recognized as years of bullying and torment bubble to the surface. Tears stream down from Phillips eyes as he tosses the bloodied bat into the street running to Michael’s aid. “Its ok baby I’m here.” Phillip stammers kneeling down next to Michael. Phillip places his arms under Michael lifting him up. He hobbles into the house barley able to support Michael’s weight. Phillips sets a sobbing Michael down on their plush living room couch. “Wait here and don’t move Mikey.” Phillip implores running back and slamming the door locking the dead bolt. He then leans a chair under the knob. On the way back to Phillip frantically runs into the bathroom grabbing the first aid kit. Back at the couch Phillip soothes Michael as best he can. Michael writhes about the couch in pain. Phillip helps Michael pull off his shirt “That son of a bitch killed Buster.” Michael wails rocking back and forth. “I know Michael I know now be still.” Phillip winces laying his eyes on the bite for the first time. A crescent ring of teeth marks punctuated by bloody holes line the front and back of Michaels neck. “Lay still Michael dammit you’re gushing blood everywhere.” Phillip pours peroxide over the wounds dabbing at the spots with a sterile cotton ball. Phillip bandages Michael’s neck before sitting on the couch with him He nestles Michael’s head in his lap wiping his forehead with a wet towel. “How do you feel?” Phillip asks a red eyed Michael. “It hurts bad honey but not worse than loosing Buster.” Phillip runs his fingers through Michael’s hair. “Michael you should go to the ER.” Michael snorts at Phillips suggestion. “I’m on vacation Phillip I’m not going with in a mile of St. George’s.” He chuckles. Phillip looks down at Michael “Silly we live less than a mile from the damn hospital as it is.” The couple shares their first laugh since the day had gone awry. “Phillip run upstairs in our bathroom and grab me my pain meds please?” Phillip smiles “Sure.”

After taking two of the prescription narcotics Michael sleeps peacefully on the couch. Phillip spends the day roaming through the house he finds himself sitting at the windows staring at the man’s body next to Busters. No one has been out all day other than the man and Michael he hasn’t seen another living soul all day. Sitting in his favorite chair Phillip takes pleasure in the sun setting outside the orange hue in the sky reminds him of a burning flame. The house is cast in darkness when Michael finally wakes from his drug induced slumber. “Hey babe how do you feel?” Phillip asks flicking on his flashlight. “Fine babe fine.” Michael responds walking up behind his mate placing a hand on the back of Phillip’s neck. Phillip senses his head being pulled gently back he notices how cold Michael’s hands are. Phillip purses his lips for a kiss closing his eyes as Michael’s face crosses his flashlight beam. Phillip can’t comprehend the black splotches on Michael’s face but it’s too late. By the time Phillip realizes something is wrong Michael’s head is arching back with a chunk of his husbands’ throat clenched between his teeth. Michael holds onto the back of Phillips neck as blood squirts out. Pumping in warm streams Phillip’s body spasms uncontrollably to his lovers new found delight. The flashlight hit’s the floor rattling into a corner. Michael pulls his lover to the floor latching his teeth onto Phillip’s still warm cheek. He chews flesh unsure as to why he has heartlessly killed the man he’d love for the past ten years. This morning he was inconsolable over the death of his beloved dog while tonight he feasts upon the only person he has ever loved. Kneeling in a great dark slick of cooling sticky blood Michael finds himself closer to Phillip than he’s ever been in life. Michael feels all the hate he’s ever had well up from the depths of his soul. Phillip’s body has gone cold in the still night air the taste has changed. What was once sweet and filling now tastes like rotted pork in his mouth. He spit’s a wad of meat into the darkness standing up he hears waves of gunfire in the distance. Michael moves slowly to the door oddly enough he notices how easy it is to move in the darkened house. Everything is outlined in orange making it easy to avoid obstacles. Leaning looking out the door he becomes fixated on the waves of orange over head entranced. Michael is thumped out of his trance by a figure at his back. It’s Phillip minus his throat and some face meat. Moaning he bumps into Michaels back again “easy lover calm down.” The gunshots have subsided when Michael strolls from his home down the driveway with a purpose. Philip shuffles on unsteady feet out on to the lawn he wanders aimlessly off down the street. “So this is how it ends huh lover?” he watches the wandering corpse of his mate shuffle down the street. A sound reaches out to Michael’s tainted ears metal meeting metal. He sprints down the block turning the corner spotting a big green military transport crumpled into the rear of a massive pile up. “Hmmmmm soups on.” Michael smirks as the orange in his eyes dancing fiendishly. He takes off jogging for the crashed military vehicle.

With a bang we have brought the saga of Phillip and Michael to a brutal end.The Living Dark continues to take its toll on humanity.

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The Living Dark


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